Be Not Afraid: A Poem For 2020 and Beyond!


It’s difficult.

Hard to believe.

 I mean, just open your eyes,

it is tough to get by.

Feel relaxed.

Even the proverbs say

anxiety weighs you down.

But Isaiah told us

that if you trust

you’ll no longer be tired,

and you can spread your wings.

And John believes

there is no fear in love,

and Joshua announced,

we should not be discouraged,

and Jeremiah proclaimed

hope for the future.

 I know, look around.

It’s hard to breathe.

Feel safe.

Even Peter said,

you have to suffer.

But if you are steadfast,

guidance will come.

A plan for courage will emerge.

So, this year,

as you number your days

looking for a resolution,

looking for a little wisdom,

be calm


…. be not afraid.

 –Paula Curci


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