About Mary

It’s a silver metal and wood encased box,
wrapped with a thin white bow.
A gift from my favorite friend,
I refuse to open.
The door, she lays next to
is really her exit.
As she waits in cue and watches
everyone pray, for her safe return.
I haven’t seen her since June.
Made a point of having coffee.
Just sent her a gift,
to remind her she is an angel,
arcing, in a day or two,
with wings as large as her heart.
She has been one since the day she was born.
The box is still tied.
I stare at it every morning.
Mary, the mother
etched on its cover.
God knows her name.
He has called on her a few times.
He has been waiting for her,
since she was born.
Last time I texted
she told me about the port.
The bionic one, under her skin.
She said, “It’s in the big guy’s hands!”
He is her friend and confidant.
She knows him so well.
She has known him all her life.
I still can’t open the box.
Can’t untie the bow.
Don’t want to know.
It’s empty.
A reminder, she’s gone home now.
But, she will be safe.
She is fearless and calm,
not scared.
She has known that place,
her whole life.

About Mary Pinto, a friend and mentor and a great GM (Good Mother) who passed away in April, 2017.
By Paula Curci ©3/31/17

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